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tesseract-ocrHow can I test Tesseract OCR online?

Testing Tesseract OCR online can be done using the pytesseract library. This library provides bindings for Python, allowing you to use Tesseract OCR from within a Python script. To test Tesseract OCR online, you can use the following code:

import pytesseract
from PIL import Image

# Path to the image you want to test
img = Image.open('path/to/image.png')

# Run the Tesseract OCR
text = pytesseract.image_to_string(img)

# Print the text

This code will open the image specified in the img variable, run the Tesseract OCR on it, and print the resulting text.

Parts of the code:

  • import pytesseract: This imports the pytesseract library, which provides bindings for Tesseract OCR.
  • from PIL import Image: This imports the Image library, which is used to open the image file.
  • img = Image.open('path/to/image.png'): This opens the image specified in the path and stores it in the img variable.
  • text = pytesseract.image_to_string(img): This runs the Tesseract OCR on the image stored in the img variable and stores the resulting text in the text variable.
  • print(text): This prints the text stored in the text variable.

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