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tesseract-ocrHow can I use Tesseract OCR with VBA?

Tesseract OCR can be used with VBA by using the Windows COM interface. The COM interface allows VBA to access the Tesseract library.

Example code

Dim tesseract As Object
Set tesseract = CreateObject("Tesseract.TesseractOcrEngine")
tesseract.Init "C:\Program Files\Tesseract-OCR"

Dim image As Object
Set image = CreateObject("Tesseract.Image")
image.LoadImageFromFile "C:\image.jpg"

tesseract.SetImage image

Dim text As String
text = tesseract.Recognize

MsgBox text

Code explanation

  • Dim tesseract As Object - Declaring a variable to hold the Tesseract object.
  • Set tesseract = CreateObject("Tesseract.TesseractOcrEngine") - Creating the Tesseract object.
  • tesseract.Init "C:\Program Files\Tesseract-OCR" - Initializing the Tesseract object with the path to the Tesseract installation.
  • Dim image As Object - Declaring a variable to hold the image object.
  • Set image = CreateObject("Tesseract.Image") - Creating the image object.
  • image.LoadImageFromFile "C:\image.jpg" - Loading the image from a file.
  • tesseract.SetImage image - Setting the image for Tesseract to process.
  • Dim text As String - Declaring a variable to hold the recognized text.
  • text = tesseract.Recognize - Recognizing the text from the image.
  • MsgBox text - Displaying the recognized text in a message box.

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