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tesseract-ocrHow can I use Tesseract OCR with Xamarin?

Tesseract OCR can be used with Xamarin to recognize text in images. Xamarin provides a wrapper for the Tesseract library, allowing it to be used in Xamarin applications. The following example code shows how to use Tesseract OCR with Xamarin:

// Create an instance of Tesseract API
var tesseract = new TesseractApi();

// Initialize the Tesseract API
await tesseract.Init("/path/to/traineddata/folder");

// Set the image for recognition

// Run recognition
var result = await tesseract.Recognize();

// Print the result

The code above will create an instance of the Tesseract API, initialize it with the trained data folder, set the image for recognition, and then run the recognition. The result will be printed out to the console.

Code explanation

  1. var tesseract = new TesseractApi(); - Creates an instance of Tesseract API.
  2. await tesseract.Init("/path/to/traineddata/folder"); - Initializes the Tesseract API with the trained data folder.
  3. tesseract.SetImage(image); - Sets the image for recognition.
  4. var result = await tesseract.Recognize(); - Runs the recognition.
  5. Console.WriteLine(result.Text); - Prints the result.

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