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angularjsHow do I use an AngularJS JSON viewer?

  1. To use an AngularJS JSON viewer, you must first install the module by running the following command in the terminal: npm install angular-json-viewer.

  2. Once the module is installed, you can then import it into your AngularJS project using the following code: import { JsonViewerModule } from 'angular-json-viewer';

  3. You can then add the module to the imports array in your application's NgModule, as shown here:

  imports: [
export class AppModule { }
  1. You can then use the <json-viewer> component to display a JSON object in your application. For example:
<json-viewer [json]="myJsonObject"></json-viewer>
  1. This component will display the JSON object in a hierarchical tree-like structure, with expandable nodes.

  2. You can also customize the appearance of the viewer by passing in additional parameters to the component, such as expandLevel, show-line-numbers, and collapsed.

  3. For more information on how to use the AngularJS JSON viewer, see the official documentation.

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