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backbone.jsHow do I create and use stores in a Backbone.js application?

Creating and using stores in a Backbone.js application is done by creating a Model or Collection and then setting the localStorage property on it.

For example, to create a Model with localStorage and save it:

var Todo = Backbone.Model.extend({
  localStorage: new Backbone.LocalStorage("todo-store")

var todo = new Todo({name: "My Todo"});

To use the stored values, you can call fetch() on the Model or Collection:


The parts of this code are:

  1. var Todo = Backbone.Model.extend({ - creating a Backbone Model
  2. localStorage: new Backbone.LocalStorage("todo-store") - setting the localStorage property on the Model
  3. var todo = new Todo({name: "My Todo"}); - creating a new instance of the Model
  4. todo.save(); - saving the Model to localStorage
  5. todo.fetch(); - fetching the Model from localStorage

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