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cli-tarHow can I use gzip, tar, and bash together to achieve a specific task?

Gzip, tar, and bash can be used together to compress files, create archives, and automate tasks.

For example, the following command can be used to compress all .txt files in the current directory and store them in an archive called archive.tar.gz:

tar -czf archive.tar.gz *.txt

The command uses the following parts:

  • tar: The tar command is used to create an archive.
  • -czf: The -czf option tells tar to compress the archive using gzip and store it in a file called archive.tar.gz.
  • archive.tar.gz: This is the name of the archive file.
  • *.txt: The *.txt option tells tar to include all files with the .txt extension in the archive.

This command can be used in a bash script to automate the task of compressing .txt files.

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