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cli-tarHow do I create a gzip tar example?

Creating a gzip tar example is a simple process. First, create a directory and populate it with files that you want to compress.

mkdir example
echo "This is a test" > example/test.txt

Next, use the tar command to create a tar archive of the directory.

tar -cf example.tar example/

Finally, use the gzip command to compress the tar archive.

gzip example.tar

The resulting file, example.tar.gz is a gzip compressed tar archive.

Code explanation

  1. mkdir example: creates a directory called example
  2. echo "This is a test" > example/test.txt: creates a file called test.txt in the example directory
  3. tar -cf example.tar example/: creates a tar archive of the example directory
  4. gzip example.tar: compresses the tar archive with gzip

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