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cli-tarHow do I decompress a tar.gz file using gzip?

Decompressing a tar.gz file using gzip is a simple process. First, the tar.gz file must be downloaded and saved to a location on the computer. Then, the following command can be used to decompress the file:

$ tar -xzvf <file_name>.tar.gz

This command will extract the file from the tar.gz archive. The parts of this command are:

  • tar: The tar command is used to create and extract archives from a file or directory.
  • -xzvf: This option is used to extract the files from the archive.
  • <file_name>: This is the name of the tar.gz file.

The output of the command should look something like this:

$ tar -xzvf <file_name>.tar.gz
x <file_name>/
x <file_name>/<file_1>
x <file_name>/<file_2>

The files will be extracted from the tar.gz archive and saved in the same directory as the archive.

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