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csvkitHow to add a header to a CSV file using csvkit?

Adding a header to a CSV file using csvkit is a simple process.

Example code

csvcut -n myfile.csv
csvcut -c 1,2,3 myfile.csv > newfile.csv
echo "header1,header2,header3" | cat - newfile.csv > temp.csv
mv temp.csv newfile.csv

Output example


Code explanation

  1. csvcut -n myfile.csv: This command prints the column names of the CSV file.

  2. csvcut -c 1,2,3 myfile.csv > newfile.csv: This command cuts the columns 1, 2 and 3 from the CSV file and stores them in a new file.

  3. echo "header1,header2,header3" | cat - newfile.csv > temp.csv: This command adds the header to the new file and stores it in a temporary file.

  4. mv temp.csv newfile.csv: This command moves the temporary file to the new file.

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