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csvkitHow to fetch unique values with csvkit?

csvkit is a suite of command-line tools for working with CSV, the most popular being csvcut and csvgrep.

csvcut can be used to fetch unique values from a CSV file. For example, to fetch the unique values from the "Name" column of a CSV file named "example.csv":

csvcut -c Name example.csv | sort | uniq

The output of this command will be a list of unique values from the "Name" column:


The command consists of three parts:

  1. csvcut -c Name example.csv: This part of the command uses csvcut to select the "Name" column from the "example.csv" file.

  2. sort: This part of the command sorts the output of the csvcut command.

  3. uniq: This part of the command filters out any duplicate values from the sorted output.

For more information about csvkit, see the csvkit documentation.

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