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rustRust bytes buffer example

Rust provides a Vec<u8> type to represent a buffer of bytes. This type is a growable array of bytes, and can be used to store data such as images, audio, and text.

let mut buffer = Vec::new();

The above code creates a Vec<u8> buffer and adds three bytes to it (0x41, 0x42, and 0x43).

  • let mut buffer = Vec::new(); creates a new empty Vec<u8> buffer.
  • buffer.push(0x41); adds the byte 0x41 to the end of the buffer.
  • buffer.push(0x42); adds the byte 0x42 to the end of the buffer.
  • buffer.push(0x43); adds the byte 0x43 to the end of the buffer.

The output of the above code is a Vec<u8> buffer containing the bytes 0x41, 0x42, and 0x43.

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