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rustYield generator in Rust

Yield generator in Rust is a feature that allows a function to pause its execution and return a value to the caller. It is similar to a generator in Python, but with a few differences.

Example code

fn generator() -> impl Iterator<Item = i32> {
    let mut i = 0;
    loop {
        yield i;
        i += 1;

Output example


Code explanation

  1. fn generator() -> impl Iterator<Item = i32>: This declares a function named generator that returns an iterator of type i32.

  2. let mut i = 0: This declares a mutable variable i and initializes it to 0.

  3. yield i: This pauses the execution of the function and returns the value of i to the caller.

  4. i += 1: This increments the value of i by 1.

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