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sphinxsearchHow can I use Sphinxsearch with Django?

Sphinxsearch can be used with Django to create powerful search functionality for your web application.

To use Sphinxsearch with Django, you will need to install the Django-Sphinx package. This package provides a model-based interface to Sphinxsearch, allowing you to use it in your Django projects.

Once installed, you can use the Django-Sphinx API to access and query Sphinxsearch. Here is an example of how to use the API to search for a keyword:

from django_sphinx_db.models import SphinxSearch

# Search for the keyword 'foo'
results = SphinxSearch.query('foo')

The results variable will contain a SphinxResultSet object, which can be used to access the search results. The SphinxResultSet object contains methods such as get_total_found() and get_results() which can be used to access the search results.

You can also use the Django-Sphinx API to create and manage indexes, add documents to an index, and perform other operations.

For more information on how to use Sphinxsearch with Django, see the Django-Sphinx documentation.

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