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sphinxsearchHow do I write a Sphinxsearch query to index my data?

To write a Sphinxsearch query to index your data, you need to write a conf file. This file contains all the configuration parameters that control the indexing process. Below is an example of a conf file for indexing a MySQL table:

source src1
    type            = mysql
    sql_host        = localhost
    sql_user        = user
    sql_pass        = pass
    sql_db          = db_name
    sql_query       = \
        SELECT id, name, address \
        FROM table_name
    sql_attr_uint   = id
    sql_attr_string = name
    sql_attr_string = address

index idx1
    source          = src1
    path            = /var/lib/sphinxsearch/data/idx1
    docinfo         = extern
    mlock           = 0
    morphology      = stem_en
    min_word_len    = 1

This example configuration defines a source called src1 which specifies the MySQL connection parameters, the query to execute, and the attributes to index. It also defines an index called idx1 which specifies the source to use, the path to store the index files, and some other parameters.

To index the data, you can then run the indexer command:

indexer --config /path/to/conf/file --all

This command will read the configuration file and index the data according to the parameters specified.

The parts of the code and their explanation are as follows:

  • source src1: This defines the source of the data to be indexed.
  • sql_host: This specifies the hostname of the MySQL server.
  • sql_user: This specifies the username to connect to the MySQL server.
  • sql_pass: This specifies the password to connect to the MySQL server.
  • sql_db: This specifies the database name to connect to.
  • sql_query: This specifies the query to execute to retrieve the data to be indexed.
  • sql_attr_uint and sql_attr_string: These specify the attributes to be indexed.
  • index idx1: This defines the index to be created.
  • path: This specifies the path to store the index files.
  • docinfo: This specifies the type of document info to store.
  • mlock: This specifies whether to lock the index files in memory.
  • morphology: This specifies the type of morphology to use.
  • min_word_len: This specifies the minimum word length to index.
  • indexer: This is the command to run to index the data.

For more information about writing Sphinxsearch queries, see the Sphinxsearch documentation.

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