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sqliteHow do I call sqlitepcl.raw.setprovider() when using SQLite?

To call sqlitePCL.raw.setProvider() when using SQLite, you need to include the sqlitePCLRaw.core NuGet package in your project.

You can then use the sqlitePCL.raw.setProvider() method to set the SQLite provider. This method takes two parameters:

  1. sqlitePCL.IProvider: This is the SQLite provider that you want to set.
  2. bool: This is a boolean value that indicates whether the provider should be set as the default provider.

The following code block shows an example of how to call sqlitePCL.raw.setProvider():

using sqlitePCL;
using sqlitePCL.raw;

// ...

// Set the SQLite provider
var provider = new sqlite3Provider_e_sqlite3();
raw.setProvider(provider, true);

This example sets the sqlite3Provider_e_sqlite3 provider as the default provider.

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