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sqliteHow do I create a database using SQLite?

Creating a database using SQLite is easy and requires only a few steps.

  1. Download and install SQLite: The first step is to download and install SQLite. You can find the download page here.

  2. Create a database file: After installation, you can create a database file using the sqlite3 command. For example:

sqlite3 test.db

This will create a database file called test.db.

  1. Create tables: Once the database file is created, you can create tables inside it. For example:
    name TEXT NOT NULL,
    email TEXT NOT NULL

This will create a table called users with three columns: id, name, and email.

  1. Insert data into the tables: After creating the tables, you can insert data into them. For example:
INSERT INTO users (name, email) VALUES ('John Doe', '[email protected]');

This will insert a new row into the users table with the name John Doe and email [email protected].

  1. Query the data: Finally, you can query the data in the database using SQL statements. For example:
SELECT * FROM users;

This will return all rows in the users table.

By following these steps, you can create a database using SQLite.

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