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sqliteHow do I use SQLite to zip a file?

SQLite does not have a built-in function for zipping a file. However, you can use the sqlite3 module in Python to achieve this.

First, you need to import the sqlite3 module:

import sqlite3

Then, you need to create a connection to the database:

conn = sqlite3.connect("my_database.db")

Next, you need to create a cursor object, which will allow you to execute SQL commands:

c = conn.cursor()

You can then execute a SQL command to zip the file:

c.execute("SELECT * FROM my_table INTO OUTFILE 'my_zipped_file.zip'")

Finally, you need to commit the changes to the database and close the connection:


This example will create a zipped file named my_zipped_file.zip from the contents of the table my_table in the database my_database.db.

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