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csvkitHow to change the encoding in csvkit?

csvkit is a suite of command-line tools for converting to and working with CSV, the king of tabular file formats. It can be used to change the encoding of a CSV file.

To change the encoding of a CSV file, use the in2csv command with the --encoding option. For example, to convert a CSV file from UTF-8 to Latin-1 encoding:

in2csv --encoding=latin-1 input.csv > output.csv

This will convert the input file input.csv from UTF-8 to Latin-1 encoding and save the output to output.csv.

The in2csv command has several other options that can be used to customize the output. For example, the --no-inference option can be used to disable type inference, and the --sheet option can be used to specify the sheet name when converting from an Excel file.

For more information, see the csvkit documentation.

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