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python-regexHow to match a float with regex in Python?

Matching a float with regex in Python can be done using the re module. The following example code block shows how to match a float with regex:

import re

float_regex = re.compile(r'[+-]?\d*\.\d+')

float_match = float_regex.match('3.14')


The output of the example code is:


Code explanation

  1. import re: imports the re module which provides regular expression matching operations.
  2. float_regex = re.compile(r'[+-]?\d*\.\d+'): compiles a regular expression pattern to match a float. The pattern [+-]?\d*\.\d+ matches a float with an optional sign (+ or -), followed by any number of digits, followed by a decimal point, followed by one or more digits.
  3. float_match = float_regex.match('3.14'): uses the compiled regular expression pattern to match the string 3.14.
  4. print(float_match.group()): prints the matched float.

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